Removing Makeup Properly Is Key To Healthy Skin

Removing Makeup Properly Is Key To Healthy Skin

We’ve all battled with questioning if we should remove our makeup as we come home tired from a long day at work. All we want to do is jump in our nice warm bed and rest our heavy eyes. I’m here to show you the importance of taking the crucial step to cleanse and how easy it can be! Nothing feels as good as a clean face while sleeping so let’s make this task minimal time and maximum effect!

What are the long-term effects?

Knowing the effects improper makeup removal has on the face will contribute to motivating you every day to remove your makeup. Starting with long-term effects; improper cleansing of makeup can lead to fine lines & wrinkles, premature aging, and long-term scarring from breakouts. Leaving your makeup on will create your skin to look older as the makeup trapped onto your skin breaks down your skin barrier. Makeup is very drying when left on, the dehydration effects may occur right away but also will leave your skin in the future with an uneven dry texture. These are just some of the many negative effects improper makeup removal can have.

What are the short-term effects?

The morning after you leave your makeup on your face you already start to see the damage it has. Waking up with pimples and clogged pores from makeup can further lead to infections and deep cystic breakouts, both at risk for scarring and a painful recovery. All environmental toxins also have the chance to break through your makeup barrier and be absorbed within the skin. Without removing your makeup you are missing out on a crucial time to restore your skin of the nutrients it needs. This could be a serum, moisturizer, or a targeted treatment- our skin is always craving to intake anything that is helpful!

Is handwashing a successful technique?

Hand washing can absolutely be a successful technique when done properly. The main trick is knowing a double cleanse is mandatory. The first cleanse will lift and remove some dirt, oils, and debris (makeup) but a second cleanse is needed to ensure all have been fully removed. You are also able to receive the benefits your cleanser has to offer when performing a second cleanse. We highly recommend our Clean Root Cleanser which not only breaks down all makeup but also has a five-ceramide complex that assists in naturally protecting our skin barrier and promoting hydration. This means it can properly tackle the toxins from the products we apply on our face and the environment around us. This can be followed by our Milky Blood Toner, a perfect duo for makeup removal. Using a toner removes any remaining bacteria on the skin while restoring hydration and balancing your skin’s pH. Leaving your skin balanced and healthy prevents breakouts and allows your skin to intake further products if you choose.

How to properly remove makeup

Once you have a good cleanser and toner at home, learning how to properly remove all makeup is key. After a first cleanse you will still be able to wipe your face with a towel and see makeup. I suggest testing this out yourself and even when the skin appears as If all the makeup is removed, the towel or cotton pad will return the color of your foundation. So how do you ensure the second cleanse will be successful? As you’re cleansing your face for the second time use a towel or cotton pads and go around the eyes, brows, nose, jawline, hairline, and behind the ears. These are all areas that commonly catch extra makeup. You can repeat these areas when toning as well. This will ensure all vulnerable areas are fully clean and ready for bed too!

Properly removing all makeup doesn’t have to be a hard approach or a 100 step procedure. With this knowledge and application, you will be able to sleep knowing your skin is healthy and getting the rest time it needs! To learn more about other products and explore our website, we invite you to visit our store section on My Dermatician Store!

Bonus Tip

If you’re wondering what another effective cleansing technique is- a guest favorite that can make your life one step easier is our Sonic Cleansing Brush. This 5-speed wireless device uses a gentle exfoliating and vibrating technique to help remove your makeup. This can help lift stubborn makeup from pores and ensure you are left with healthy clean skin! Enjoy more than a simple cleanse and continue to look forward to removing your makeup every day!